Why I Love WordPress!

Why I love WordPress!

WordPress in recent years has become the number one solution for building a website due to it’s ease of  use, in addition to it’s versatility. When  business owners and web developers plan to create new website, WordPress should always be a should be the first platform that is chosen.

There are many reasons why WordPress has grown in fame with many old school and new web developers alike:

Installation is Easy

Firstly, installing WordPress is extremely easy with most hosting companies and can be done in just a few clicks of your mouse. If your web hosting company has Cpanel with Fantastico installed on its servers, then with just a few minutes, you can have a new installed WordPress site, ready to be customized to your liking.

It’s Free to Use

WordPress is open source software, which means that you can use it at no cost and edit the source code without having to stress about violating any copyrights. It is used by millions of people across the globe to create beautiful, dynamic, search-engine friendly websites and blogs. Not only can you use it for no cost, but there are literally thousands of WordPress themes and plugins that you can use to customize your website without having to spend a cent. When you have very limited funds, that fact in itself  can be extremely attractive.

It’s Not Just for Blogging

Many people have made the mistake of believing that WordPress is just for creating blogs, however it is far more versatile than that and you can build almost any type of website that you require using WordPress and it’s plugins.

WordPress is built using to basic principles: Posts and Pages.

Posts are blog entries or articles that are generally listed in reverse chronological order. This is useful if you have any information that needs to be updated or released to your  clients on a regular basis, such as “Latest Company News” or “Personal Updates.

Pages are simply static content that does not change frequently. Such as a “Services” or “About Us” page.

That’s the beauty of WordPress: It is very easy to create anything from a static website to showcase your businesses products and services with only a few pages to a thousand page membership site with user interaction and anything in between.

Social Media Loves WordPress

With social media becoming such a huge part of being online for both businesses, clients and everyday users it is of great importance to start integrating social media activities into your online presence. There are several WordPress plugins allow you to do this very easily, so that you can connect with Facebook Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and just about any other social network you can imagine.

And Finally, Millions of People Power the Websites with WordPress

Below is just a small sampling of the tons of websites powered by WordPress:




Ford Motor Company is one of the largest and most profitable global businesses . They are the 3rd largest maker of cars in the world.  The company sells luxury cars under the Lincoln brand and it sells vehicles under the Ford brand. It was founded by Henry Ford in 1903.


Usain Bolt



The world’s fastest man’s website is powered by WordPress!





With more than 20 million unique visitors a month, Mashable is one of  the world’s largest blogs. It focuses exclusively on  providing news pertaining to social networks, such as facebook, pinterest and twitter.


Katy Perry

Home Page Splash – 2017 – CTTR


Katy Perry is a multi-platinum American singer-songwriter and musician that uses WordPress to power her website!


Dani Johnson


America’s Original Secret Millionaire, Dani Johnson – Former homeless single mother who went on to become a multi-millionaire and one of my mentors! And yes, you guess it, her website is powered by WordPress!


Justin Timberlake



The official site of actor, musician, and businessman Justin Timberlake is powered by WordPress.


 Best Buy Mobile



Best Buy Mobile is an online magazine that showcases the latest gadgets, apps, and technologies in the consumer mobile industry. Their website is powered by WordPress and is run by Best Buy, the largest electronics retailer in the world.





MTV is one of the most watched television networks in the world and its  the fact that they chose to use WordPress to power its News Blog is certainly noteworthy.





CNN, one of the world’s largest sources of news, powers many of their websites with WordPress!





Harvard is the oldest American institution of higher learning and they use WordPress to power the Harvard Gazette’s entire website.

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